Transcendental Relationships: Three questions companies should ask themselves about their relationship with their customers.

By Diana Quirós

Connector Pro CCK Costa Rica


One of the main challenges companies face is to maintain a close relationship with their customers and/or consumers, to make them fall in love with them and never let them go.

Markets are becoming more sophisticated, customers more demanding, and organizations are competing for the attention of their audiences in increasingly saturated digital and physical environments. Here are three key questions for you and your company to evaluate the actions you are currently taking.

Question 1: Do we really know our customers and their needs?

Companies should not create their communication and marketing strategies based on assumptions or presentiments. We must know the customer by his sociodemographic data and also by his needs. We must know their knowledge, attitude and behavior related to our products and services.

In order to deepen this knowledge of the customer, it is possible to use tools of social listening y behavioral tracking.

Question 2: Are we building relationships with the right audience?

It is necessary to identify whether, with the current strategies, we are attracting our audience with information of their interest or whether we are investing efforts in actions that do not reach the target audience.

The communication actions we execute must be channeled through the media our clients prefer. To get to the point, we need to analyze in depth the different media (owned, paid, earned and shared) we have and their reach. In addition, we must evaluate the actions based on their impact on the right audience, because the idea is to tell stories that deliver strategic results.

Question 3: Is the content we are generating appropriate for the stage our target audience is in?

Infographics, testimonials and other forms of content have become fashionable in our work. But we cannot forget that these are produced as a means to an end. Therefore, it is imperative that we recognize the stage our audiences are at with respect to the acquisition of our company's products or services and that our content, beyond the format, answers the questions our audiences may have.

It is important that we can recognize if we are talking to customers who are exploring our goods or services, if they are already considering us as an option or if they are customers who have had positive or negative experiences with our organization.

These questions provide us with an opportunity to discuss with our communication and marketing consultants the real value of customer relationship strategies.

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