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We are a group of communication professionals who are inspired by our work and also for whom and with whom we do it.

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Carmen Fallas

Founding Partner and Chairwoman

Carmen is passionate about strategic thinking, her capacity for analysis and vision have allowed her to lead the growth of multiple organizations, including CCK, a company she founded in 1988 and which today leads the public relations industry in Central America.

Her values ​​and service orientation have made her a mentor to hundreds of communication professionals, whether in classrooms or in daily work.

Edgar Mata

Founding Partner and CEO

Edgar’s creativity and energy have been fundamental pillars for the growth of CCK since its foundation in 1988.

His career has been characterized by obtaining successful results in complex cases, becoming one of the main references in crisis management and communication training in Latin America.

Layla Poveda

Partner and COO

Her planning skills and determination have allowed Layla to grow exponentially in the industry and the company, where today she occupies a position of regional leadership.

Layla joined CCK in 1997 and since then she has exceled as a key strategic and results-oriented leader. Her work ethics is a beacon for everyone in CCK.

Magaly Acosta

Partner, Regional VP of Administration and Finance

Magaly is a loyal person, her 33 years at CCK speak for themselves.

She began her professional career at the firm at secretarial positions, and her perseverance has led her to occupy the role of Regional VP of Administration and Finance.

Service orientation, strong commitment and honesty are her leading features.

Pilar Ríos

Socia, VP Marketing y Nuevos

Pilar is an entrepreneur and results oriented leader. In 2003, she joined CCK Nicaragua as a Country Manager, guiding the growth of the firm and placing it in an important position in the country.

Her tenacity and business mindset led her to occupy her current position as VP of Marketing and New Businesses for the region.

David Fallas

Socio, Strategy Leader y
Studio Leader

David has led different areas of the company such as creativity, innovation research and new business development. His work has been recognized in competitions at Volcán Creative Festival and Effie Awards, and he has participated as a jury in different competitions.

As CCK Strategic Leader, David provides guidance in the service to clients through the use of strategic planning methodologies.

He has specialized studies from the International Institute for Political Studies (IIPES) at Georgetown University and Design Thinking at Miami Ad School Madrid.

Josué Sánchez

Technology Leader

Master in Digital Business from the European Business School in Spain. Senior advisor and consultant in digital marketing. With experience in design and development of digital media campaigns in Latin America, United States and Spain, also in the optimization of advertising budgets.

His background of more than 19 years working in digital marketing, allows him to have a broader vision of how to achieve the objectives of the brands in a more efficient way.

Diana Quirós

Data Meaning Leader

At CCK Analytics, she is leading a highly skilled team dedicated to understanding the behavior of target audiences. They employ an innovative methodology encompassing research, data analysis, and social and media listening. Their goal is to uncover valuable insights that allow them to deeply understand their target audiences. By embracing a data-driven approach, they can make informed and strategic decisions that have a significant impact on their clients reputation and outcomes.

Diana has made significant contributions to strengthening and building strategic relationships for clients across various sectors, including legal, agriculture, retail, finance, education, and environmental industries. Through their rigorous work, they have established strong and enduring connections with clients, enabling them to achieve their communication goals effectively.

She firmly believes that research serves as both the beginning and end of any successful communication process.

As a Public Relations professional, she is committed to delivering a professional, ethical, and success-oriented approach in all her interactions. She is eager to apply her expertise and knowledge to contribute to the growth and success of organizations, forging valuable connections and generating positive i mpact through effective communication strategies.

In addition to her professional experience, she also serve as a professor at the University of Costa Rica, where she teaches courses in the field of Public Relations.

Carlos Lobo

Reputation Leader

Carlos is passionate about politics. With more than 20 years of experience, he has focused on specialties such as spokesperson training, public speaking skills training, crisis management, and crisis simulation workshops.

He is currently the leader of the Reputation area of CCK and is one of the main trainers of the firm in Latin America.


Marcela Alfaro

Partner and Costa Rica General Manager

Marcela is up to speed in communication trends, with a strong inclination for innovation and a capacity for strategic analysis and search of solutions. Since 2002, she has made great contributions to the growth of CCK and the creation of COCOA, a specialized sister company.

Today, she leads the operation in Costa Rica, our headquarters and largest office in the entire region.

Alejandra Aqueche

Partner and Guatemala Country Manager

Alejandra knows that learning is everything, particularly in an industry as dynamic and competitive as communication, so she is constantly looking for new knowledge.

She is charismatic, committed and a strong leader. Together with her team in Guatemala she achieves great results for our clients. Ale was recently named partner at CCK Guatemala.

Marta Sigarán

Partner and El Salvador Country Manager

Her attitude and ability have made her a great leader for CCK El Salvador. Marta is an enthusiastic public relations professional, who has carved out a breakthrough in her country’s industry.

Together with her team, she has managed to provide extraordinary advice to local and regional clients. Marta was recently named partner at CCK El Salvador.

Ileana López

Partner and Honduras Country Manager

During her more than 20 years of experience, Ileana has advised a broad portfolio of clients in diverse categories such as banking, commerce, communication, government, and automotive, among others, contributing with the development of integral communication strategies. Throughout her career, she has created solid and strategic relationships with stakeholders from different sectors of the country.

Ileana began her professional career with Publicidad Garnier and Grupo Nación in Costa Rica. In Honduras, she worked for Grupo OPSA, one of the key media conglomerates in the country.

Joe Yaker

Panama Country Manager

He has experience as a consultant in corporate communication and public affairs. Joe has worked with a broad portfolio of clients, including banks, technology companies, government, port management companies, and pharmaceuticals. This background has allowed him to build business relationships with stakeholders from the private and public sectors of the country.

Joe is passionate about trends in communication, digital marketing, and video production and provides a deep understanding of how to apply them to the Panamanian context.