For those of us born in the 20th century, being overweight was considered a handicap. For me, it was a blessing. Criticism, dieting and even discrimination in my school years, instilled in my childhood and adolescent development the fitness For those of us born in the 20th century, being overweight was considered a handicap. For me, it was a blessing. Criticism, dieting, and even discrimination in my school years, instilled in my childhood and adolescent development the

In my 48 years of life, I have dedicated myself to nurture my academic and professional training in communication, marketing and branding, with honorable mentions, Fulbright scholarships and two master's degrees. A legacy that today I can pass on to my twins. My diverse experience in the professional field in various jobs, in the private sector, government, with multilateral organizations, my own company, as an academic and now as part of the team of women leaders of CCK has taught me that the fitness of my school years have been crucial to challenge the status quo of how we should achieve the goals we set for ourselves. And read well, we must set clear and achievable goals in life with principles that guide our path, because whoever lacks solid goals and principles, runs the risk of falling into a spiral of depression.

However, I must emphasize that my biggest challenge to date has been to reconcile being a mother and a professional at the same time. How much time should I dedicate to work if my own professional demands tell me that I should work by results, solutions, and not by hours? And in that context, how much time do I suppose I should dedicate to raising my 8 year old children so that they can be good children with academic excellence and self-sufficient, if I work all day?

One of the things I remember from my childhood is my mother always finding the time at noon and early afternoon to check the status of our homework and our day, while my father spent his weekends teaching us math and critical thinking in the midst of a communist regime in the 80s. They always found the time their four children needed.

Having said the above, and on the occasion of March 8, women's day, some of us are still asking ourselves the following question: Is it possible to reconcile women's work with the different roles that the times impose on women in the 21st century?

Maybe yes, maybe no, it all depends on the resilience that each woman establishes in her daily mental, emotional and physical fitness. Yesterday, for example, a friend (wife of a high government official in another country) was establishing contact with me via LinkedIn, and she praised me like this: "I read your profile and I congratulate you for the way you have conducted your professional career, today I wonder what would have become of my career if I had continued working 15 years ago, but my twins needed me, the ones who are now in University" which I replied: "that same question I ask myself since the moment I became a mother, but now you have the opportunity to undertake your professional life again". In conclusion, I do not think there is a correct answer to this question, everything lies in how much balance of inner peace we establish in our mind, emotions and body, without neglecting the values and principles of excellence that each one proposes.

To this end, I believe it is essential to clarify my definition of feminine resilience, which I consider to be the strength of character to wake up every day with the necessary energy to connect and disconnect the mind from the heart, that is, between what I have to do and my personal emotions. This ability is only achieved if you know that in order to function you need to be focused on your main mission: to provide for your loved ones, from the bread on the table to taking care of their emotional and spiritual needs, dedicating quality time.

In case you don't have children, then this mental fitness should be focused on your life goals and taking control of your life. The balance between what you set out to achieve by establishing a plan with an expiration date. It is true that not all of us are born to be mothers, but you will always be the daughter, friend, niece, granddaughter of someone who needs your strength, empathy and sacrifices necessary to share your life with yourself and those you love.

And I close with this quote from a wall I read about equity: "the problem is that we expect women to work as if they didn't have children and raise them as if they didn't have to work".

María Fabiola Espinosa

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and professional