5 PR trends that will shape 2019

By Marcela Alfaro

Gerente General CCK Costa Rica



At the beginning of each year it is useful to reflect on the trends that will mark the communication and public relations industry. At CCK we took on the task of summarizing the 5 trends that we believe will help you improve your communication strategy and differentiate yourself from the competition during 2019.

Content remains the key

As we have been saying, during 2019 the maxim that when it comes to communicating messages, content is what will make the difference will not change. In addition to the above, once we have content of value for our audiences, we must have the ability to retransmit and amplify it through various channels.

Brands have understood that content has a key role to play in giving visibility, gaining trust and a good reputation, but also in keeping our audiences captive.

To be successful, communications professionals must customize their content strategy with a focus on ensuring that their clients' customers receive the maximum value from the brand, as well as getting their content right. right channels where your audiences are.

Anticipate the crisis

Crises are part of the daily life of any brand or company. That is why, today more than ever, organizations must anticipate crises. Many companies wait to react until they are in the middle of a situation that affects their reputation. During 2019, one of the priority tasks of public relations will be to detect potential crises, prepare for their management and understand that a well-managed crisis is an opportunity to strengthen the brand.

Brands that implement tools such as “Social Listening” will take the advantage to anticipate crises and generate relevant conversation on digital platforms. Currently there are several tools that allow you to keep abreast of what is happening and what is being said in the online world about brands. The implementation of these tools will make your brand one step ahead of the competition.

Micro influencers are gaining momentum

The micro influencers are active users of digital platforms whose recognition is not given by television or the press, but by social networks. They are profiles that host small communities but have a great power of influence in their niche because they have built an audience related to their interests.

Brands as social actors

In the past, having a program of social responsibility was an added value for brands. Today, companies and brands that want to be memorable and non-substitutable must have a clear purpose about how they improve the world in a way that is relevant to their business. Likewise, companies and their representatives must be committed to common values and position themselves in social issues that generate a positive impact.

Data that measures the value of Public Relations 

In the past it was common to hear that one of the biggest challenges in public relations was demonstrating tangible results. For 2019 that is no longer a valid excuse. As a client you have the right to have your communications consultant show you what the return on investment (ROI) of your communications effort has been.

Digital platforms provide the opportunity to also carry out such measurements in real time. For 2019, look for tools that help you measure your results and establish much more accurate and strategic communication and marketing strategies.

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