A service with a glimpse of the future

The world of communications is constantly evolving, and as time goes by we are witnessing new trends. As technology advances, companies and individuals are looking for new ways to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

The invention of Artificial Intelligence is a key factor, which can be seen as unfavorable, however, it is when the human factor together with your expertise in the area you perform best merges, having an exceptional result.

It is not a lie that we can do without the digital tools that exist, for this reason it is important that as communicators we can immerse ourselves in this wave and be part of the constant evolution of the world and especially of communications.

It is very likely that as experts in communications we get to ask ourselves, what am I for now as a communicator? or where is all my experience? and it is right at that moment when our role is essential to launch what we know and feel.

According to research conducted in October 2023, one of the main trends that has been noticed throughout this year and is projected to continue to be for next year, is the personalization of messages to customers, through Artificial Intelligence.

In the world of communications and as a public relations professional, one of the most important steps when offering PR services is the identification of the wording, the key messages that the client wants to convey to their audiences, having full knowledge of the client, from there, is the starting point to be able to customize the messages and the strategy to execute the service.

A survey conducted by The Conference Board showed that 68% of communicators use AI at least occasionally, although only 18% use it frequently or all the time. Since the last survey in June to date, there has been a slight increase in the figure.

But where does the role of communicators come in, we can't stay away from reality, and for this reason as a communications agency we follow trends and work hand in hand with these tools, in a way that is conducive to our clients, always offering a quality service and innovation.

Como ya lo mencionaba antes, la Inteligencia Artificial no podría funcionar por si sola, necesita del factor humano para poder cumplir la finalidad por la que fue creada, asistir al ser humano, y es por esto que puede brindar respuestas automáticas, traduciendo esto, en la optimización de tiempo y hasta recursos, sin embargo, todo se complementa al tener claridad de lo que conocemos de nuestros clientes, el lenguaje que utilizan, hacia quiénes va dirigido el mensaje y hasta el sentimiento que queremos transmitir.

It is important to take into account that the tool is not only designed for writing materials, since in 2023 it set a trend in the use of chatbots, the creation of visual content, avatars, design and production of videos, which allowed us to get closer to the client by means of the personalization of elements, making the language used more our own.

Many well-known companies around the world opted to ride the wave of innovation and created commercial content from scratch, using AI by simply dictating the details, features and forms of what they wanted to see reflected. Again, all these trends would not be possible without the help of an expert who knows his audience.

The truth is that, if we do not live our daily lives looking for evolution, we will fall into the obsolete, in what was traditionally done in public relations 5 years ago.

We are an industry open to new knowledge, we keep updating ourselves in order to offer our clients an exclusive and inclusive service, so that what we offer goes hand in hand with the new software developed, but that the experience and customer service continues to prevail as a CCK component, always giving the best of each collaborator.

Our service goes far beyond writing a message, taking pictures, producing a video or organizing an event, our work is focused on offering a comprehensive service, able to be the solution to the needs of our customers, therefore, the use of these tools allows us to be at the forefront, today we welcome our technological assistants and we say it's time to do a great job based on our experience!

There is no PR without artificial intelligence, nor is there Artificial Intelligence functionality without an expert using it, they simply merge. The combination of expertise and immediacy as a result.

CCK joins this wave of innovation. What are you waiting for to take this leap with us?