7 lessons to consider in your influencer marketing strategy

The digital era has made many companies decide to include influencers in their marketing strategies to achieve greater proximity to their audiences and connect with them.

While the market offers many opportunities to enhance the consumer journey through influencers, content marketing is only truly effective if it is used strategically, responding to the needs of the brand and the audiences it wants to impact.

How can we leverage our influencer marketing strategy?

At CCK we would like to share with you this series of recommendations that can undoubtedly lead you to obtain excellent results:

  1. Let's work on the creative part of the content together with the influencers, the more your essence is maintained, the better your community will react. 

They have built their community on social networks based on their content, they already know their followers, they know what they like, what they interact with and what they are definitely not interested in. Why not take advantage of this knowledge and work together with the influencers on content proposals?

  1. While Instagram is one of the most used networks for these campaigns, how about innovating on growing platforms such as TikTok or Twitch?

TikTok is one of the social networks that continues to grow and represents an opportunity for brands. However, as it is a relatively new network, it is essential to study its particularities and behavior very well in order to obtain effective results.

  1. Let's not stay in the traditional, in addition to social networks we can explore different formats such as newsletters, podcasts y demás.

For example, if our brand is aimed at entrepreneurs, we could opt for an influencer who has an newsletter on the subject, in order to use this channel to target this audience in a more personalized and accurate way.

  1. More of engagement? Let's remember that "microinfluencers" or "niche influencers" can be vital to generate more interaction.

Not everything is about the number of followers. If our goal is to know the opinion of technology lovers about a specific cell phone model, we will have better results if we use an influencer from the technology niche, because we will talk to them more directly.

  1. We target your marketing campaigns according to the costumer journey, if you are an influencer, let's think about how influencers can maximize results according to the stage your target is in.

How can we impact the consideration stage? To give an example, we could generate reviews of our product. If the consumer already knows us, we can give them, through influencers, more information about us so that they can make their decision.

  1. Let's be brands that make a difference in digital, without forgetting the impact we can also generate in person.

Influencers not only work for us in digital, we can also create experiences for the consumer where they can interact directly with an influencer. For example, if our audience are musicians, we could think of an event where we have relevant figures of this industry.

  1. Let's not forget that this is about our audience and that the goal is to turn our consumers into brand ambassadors.

It is important not to lose sight of our audience during the entire process, from the selection of influencers to the evaluation of results. Our main goal is that our customers not only consume our products or services, but that they recommend us, show us off and even "defend" us, as true brand ambassadors.

We hope you find these learnings useful! If you are interested in finding out how you could apply influencer marketing to your business and the results you could get, don't hesitate to contact us.