Research in times of pandemic

By Diana Quirós

Data Meaning Leader

Our clients have asked themselves whether or not it is a good time to do research, whether or not you can establish processes to better understand your establish processes to better understand their audiences. Like the rest of our Like the rest of our activities, research can be supported by technology and virtualized. and virtualized.

We must bear in mind that the results of our results of our research will be framed by this collective experience and the adjustments that people and the adjustments that people make in their lives due to the measures caused by the pandemic. measures caused by the pandemic.

If we have a research project in mind research project in mind to understand our audiences, the first question to ask is whether we need to we should ask ourselves is whether what we want to know has to be researched by consulting people or whether we can reach them by other means. people or if we can reach them by other means. Here we here are a couple of options for data-driven research:

  • The investigations of social listening  offer organizations and brands access to the conversations taking place in the public sphere of social networks. With this methodology we can obtain valuable information about what people say and feel about topics of our interest, even beyond brand mentions. In social media we can also identify how our audiences want to be perceived.
  • The analysis of search listening allow us to know what are the information needs of users in front of the Internet search engine. Identifying people's search patterns lets us know about them and their feelings about the topics of interest. It is about deciphering the information and communication needs of our audiences in order to satisfy them.
  • If we require first-hand information, we can always turn to our customers, following the health recommendations and it is best to do so. with digital surveys.

In these pandemic times, we all change. Everything happens very fast. Audiences change, their preferences, their habits, their consumption and their communication needs. What does not change is their desire and ours to get to know them in order to get their attention, make them fall in love and never let them go.

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