Companies are the result of their leaders

By: Layla Poveda, COO de CCK

A company can be considered successful or a leader in its industry or market for different reasons: for its sales, performance, positioning or even for its organizational environment and culture. The company that achieves and stands out in one or more of these areas definitely has business leaders in its management who, for the most part, stand out for the following 10 characteristics:

  1. They are visionaries and innovatorsalways with a project or idea in mind.
  2. They think in a analytical and strategic considering all the factors that impact the business.
  3. They are curious and fervent readerswatch out for any changes in the business environment that allows them to tomar decisiones y actuar de manera oportuna.
  4. They dare to asumir riesgos y a probar cosas nuevas sin perder la dirección y estabilidad de la organización.
  5. They are brave and always assume responsibility assume responsibility
  6. They are results-oriented that contribute to the company's objectives.
  7. Hspeak the truth and demonstrates his way of thinking through the example, this does not imply sharing all the information, but only the correct information.
  8. They are assertive communicators and active listeners generando empatía with the people with whom they relate.
  9. They adapt their leadership style They know when to teach, when to guide and when to delegate.
  10. Serve others, he is in charge of ensuring that his team is doing well, that it grows and that it achieves its own and the company's objectives. A leader is not in his position to serve himself.

In order to maintain our leadership in the Central American region, at CCK we strive to train leaders who share this vision and enhance the capabilities of each of our employees, we define clear goals of where we are going and where we want to go, we maintain an open, honest and close communication with partners, employees and other stakeholders and we move forward, change, evolve, we are constantly reinventing our business, because what brought us here will not necessarily take us to where we want to go.

Leaders must face change as opportunities to grow and grow our business. These are ideal moments to analyze your company, your business, your environment, your industry, to enhance your capabilities and maximize your results.