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The most successful communication model is one that integrates strategic thinking, creativity, excellence in execution and measurable results.

In a joint work with Ketchum, we have developed the RISC methodology:


Analysis of the positioning of the client (brand) versus its competitors and definition of its target audiences.


From the main findings, discover the connection with the target audiences.


Design the communications strategy, according to the target audiences, with measurable objectives.


Plans of action that allow us to be innovative and memorable before the audiences.


Demonstrate success against established objectives with clear performance indicators.

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At CCK we have operations throughout the Central American region and worldwide reach through our affiliation with Ketchum, one of the largest and most prestigious communication firms in the world. 

We have self-run offices in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, and representations in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. 

Our local teams are professionals who know in depth the environment of each market and have the support of the regional operation.


In CCK we believe that developing emphatic and long term relations of trust is the key to success with our customers. We are proud of each of the organizations, companies and brands we work for.


We have developed a trusting relationship with CCK for many years and is reflected in the results. CCK adds strategic value to the company’s communication processes, which contributes to achieving the business objectives in general
Luis Mastroeni, Social Responsibility Manager - BAC Credomatic

CCK has deep knowledge of our company, allowing them to give us a high-level strategic advice, making a positive impact on our business.

Gastón Monge, CEO - Monge Group

For over 6 years we have developed a relationship of trust with CKK. Their strategic advice has been reflected in the excellent results in our public relations.

Eyleen Montealegre, Head of Marketing Department, Lafise Bank
The professionalism, dedication and experience of CCK let us generate an excellent strategy of communication and public relations. This certainly adds great value to our company.
Miguel Ángel García, Director of Institutional Relations - LALA Group

Thanks to the outstanding work and relationship with CCK we have managed to meet and exceed the goals that were set. This, in order to create competitive advantages for the organization, improve communication processes, exposure and positioning of Purdy Motor Group as a leader in Costa Rica. Certainty, the agency is one of our most important strategic partners. We consider them as part of the Purdy family.

Ana María Sequeira, Corporate Relations Manager - Purdy Motor Corporate Group
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