Can Artificial Intelligence replace our work as copywriters?

In recent months there has been a concern - justified - about the influence that Artificial Intelligence may have on job losses, especially because of the reach of the Chat GPT tool, a free chat system that responds to anything you ask it to do.

The news that a technology company in Spain specializing in online courses reduced 45% of its payroll in part by incorporating automated mechanisms set off alarm bells.

OpenAI itself, the developer of Chat GPT, recently estimated that 80% of the U.S. workforce was likely to be affected by the application in at least 10% of their work tasks.

Seeing advertising copy, emails and even artificially written articles swarming the web, editors, journalists, copywriters and creatives began to "pray" for their jobs.

Are their jobs really at risk? It is certainly not something that is going to happen in the short term. Chat GPT is a tool under development that continues to present errors and needs constant feedback from users in order to improve; however, its potential generates uncertainty.

Practical examples of failures

Chat-GPT cannot answer you about the services we offer as a communication agency in CCK, since it does not have updated information in real time about specific companies, despite the fact that we have been in the market for more than 35 years.

The same goes for their creative writing skills. This tool often falls into repetitions and commonplaces that do not give a special stamp to the texts.

Would you bring this GPT Chat pitch to a client's table?

Unknown potential

Artificial Intelligence does not yet know its limits, so ignoring this technological advance is neither useful nor realistic. We are talking about a communication disruption on a par with the founding of social networks (in two months it accumulated 100 million users).

The best way is to learn about this quasi-omnipotent chat and understand it, to make the most of it as it improves.

Chat GPT requires very specific instructions that only a professional in the area can know, so it will be useful as a starting point to develop an idea, a campaign or a pitch.

Besides, even the best writers need an editor. It may be that part of your future work as a copywriter will be to review texts generated by Chat GPT.