Communication in the era of sustainability

Responsible companies put sustainability at the center of everything they do, adopting a purpose and a value system to achieve a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental dimensions. The communication becomes relevant in the process, because it involves all stakeholders and promotes business transformation. Most importantly, communication in the era of sustainability is a commitment to transparently report on the impact of its activities on society, the planet and future generations. 

There are many benefits when we communicate sustainability: internally, we give meaning and purpose to employees. Externally, we position and differentiate the company, creating reputational capital and long-term value. Today, consumers trust human, sustainable and purposeful brands.

Communication in the era of sustainability is a transformative act that drives continuous improvement and innovation, enabling us to educate employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in developing responsible and sustainable behavior.  

But what are the most important steps for organizations to start communicating sustainability? Take note.

  • When companies really want to take responsibility and adopt a purpose, they must be clear about their objectives and how they will be measured, starting from a baseline of analysis and diagnosis.
  • Sustainable development is a living process, which allows us to communicate truthfully about the progress of the strategy to stakeholders through captivating sustainability messages that motivate change. An example of this application is sustainability reporting.
  • Use an approachable, human and multichannel narrative, telling a story of transformation, using attractive formats that are easily accessible to audiences.  
  • The media are valuable allies in disseminating sustainability messages. News content, especially organic content, generates greater impact and credibility. When a reputational crisis arises, public opinion will remember the good news they read about the company, which will generate goodwill. If the achievements of the sustainability strategy are not communicated, it is time to start doing so.

CCK Central America, affiliated to Ketchum, is a regional firm specialized in communication and strategic relations, we can contribute to disseminate sustainability messages to strengthen corporate reputation.