Do you know what stage of positioning your brand is in?

In order to successfully propose a communication strategy, it is necessary to ask yourself at what stage of positioning is your product; a question that is often omitted in the process but that becomes essential to successfully land the ideas.

Commonly, the first thing that is established when strategies and plans are made is to identify the challenge, the SMART objective, the audiences and the channels, but the stage is not always analyzed and undoubtedly, this helps to clearly and efficiently define the journey adequate.

Here we tell you about the 4 stages of brand positioning and the aspects you should consider in your communication strategy:

Stage 1: Knowledge or birth

This is the phase where new brands or products are found. The main objective should be to introduce yourself to the right audience, asking: who is the target audience? what are their interests? and how do they behave? It is also necessary to establish a buyer persona para perfilar y conectar mejor con el público de interés.

In stage 1, communication should help describe the product's value proposition in a clear and simple way, explaining: who am I? what do I do? how do I do it? for what reason? and how do I impact my client's life or environment?

Stage 2: Differentiation

Here you will find those brands or products that have already made themselves known - following the recommendations of the previous stage -; brands that have been in the market for some time and are classified as "one more" as well as some others that are stagnant.

The communication objectives in this phase are based on establishing: why is the brand different, and why is this difference important?

That competitive difference can be in different places, from how the internal processes are carried out to produce the product, the quality of the product or the brand itself, the scope and innovation, among other elements that must be considered and analyzed.

Stage 3: Connection

This positioning stage is vital and one of the most desired by brands, because it is here where those brands that have already overcome - of course - the two previous stages and wish to be at the next level of relationship with their target audiences position themselves.

The stage 3 communication objective should be related to seeking a personal connection with customers or consumers through what are known as purchase motivators.

In other words, it is time to share the way the brand thinks, propose an attitude or personality and approach customers.

Finally, step 4: Lovemarks

This is when brands achieve the objective of making consumers fall in love with them, acquiring a relevance that surpasses the product and its price.

At this point, brands must be very careful in what they communicate, because it is here where the rational part of the comparison that the consumer makes is unlinked and in many occasions he/she already acquires it because of that love, that connection, the personality, the attitude and the value proposition.

Phase 4 is when communication must be even more coherent, more aligned to the essence and more strategically targeted to consumers.

So, do you already know what stage your brand is in and how to communicate with your audiences?

If we manage to get the public to connect with it, feel satisfied, consume and recommend us, it means that our work as communicators is successful and strategic.

At CCK we specialize in knowing these audiences, understanding the business and the industry in which brands develop and we always look for the best and most innovative tools according to the stage of communication in which each one of them is.

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