Marketing without Cookies?

¿How to make marketing more authentic??

Today, there is not a single marketing campaign that can be developed without relying on the cookies, small tracking programs that are installed on computers while people surf the Internet and are dedicated to collecting personal data from users, and these same programs are then used to segment audiences when developing effective marketing strategies, as this makes it easier to target campaigns to their desired audiences.

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But what if they were no longer available? This is no longer so much a question as a reality with several of the major browsers worldwide blocking the cookies and Google announcing that Chrome, the browser used by more than 2.65 billion users, is to completely eliminate the use of web browsers by 2023. cookies from third parties. So, if we can no longer use this data to target our campaigns, how can we continue to develop successful strategies?

The answer is what has come to be known as ".cookieless marketing", and consists of a rethinking of communication strategies, shifting the focus away from relying entirely on segmentation tools to force certain audiences to see the ads they should be interested in, and instead starting to develop communication strategies and campaigns with authentic narratives that appeal to consumers. While this can be seen as a challenge, it is also a great opportunity to separate a brand's communication from that of its competitors by changing the tone to one that is more real and sincere.

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Now, what are the keys to developing a marketing strategy? cookieless? there are many variables, but there are several important points to take into account, among them:

  • Create meaningful conversations: Consumers don't mind being talked to by brands, as long as they use an honest tone and generate a real conversation with the people they are interested in selling to, rather than just wanting to sell a product without thinking about who is buying it.
  • Implement IA systems: artificial intelligence programs make it possible to personalize the messages shown to consumers with greater efficiency and customization, displaying the ideal ad with the ideal discourse for each consumer at the right time.
  • Generate creative campaigns: artificial intelligence can only take a campaign so far, the rest depends on the development of campaigns that are varied and designed to generate a of engagement the aim is to create a real partnership with consumers, so that these programs have more options to choose from when displaying each user an ad tailored to their interests.

So, even though the online world has not yet left the cookies If you are looking for an ally that can assist you in developing this type of communication strategies, CCK Digital is prepared to help you with the planning and development of incredible campaigns that you and your clients will love.