Why measure the results of our communication efforts?

Setting objectives is a requirement for planning, measuring and evaluating our communication campaigns and actions.

This is the ideal way to ensure that everything we do to impact our target audiences really helps us to obtain the best results. My recommendation is to set them using the SMART methodology: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and within a defined period.

Each of the components of SMART objectives are very important because they are the key to determine if we really achieve the proposed goal through our campaigns. Before setting a campaign objective, we must be clear about how we want to evaluate it.

And why is this so important? Precisely because what we cannot measure is ineffective.

The evaluation allows us to:

  1. Demonstrate the success of our actions.
  2. Make better decisions based on evidence.
  3. Focus on what is useful and relevant.
  4. Measuring the quality of the message.

All of the above points are critical, but even more so is how we "measure" our campaign messages. Industry best practices tell us that communication measurement and evaluation should include both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Precisely in response to the above, CCK developed a measurement mechanism that emphasizes the analysis of the right message through the media that reach the target audiences. We created an algorithm that we call "The right message".ME: media efficiency" which consists of a rubric of qualitative evaluation of media releases and organic campaigns conducted with influencers (SME: social media efficiency), which allows us to evaluate the quality of our results.

Just as the objectives cannot be the same for everyone, neither can the way in which we evaluate them. That is why the algorithm variables are different for each client and should be set according to the goals that the client wishes to achieve and that directly impact their business.

Thus, the new challenge in communication is not only to set objectives, but to understand and work with data that facilitate measurement and evaluation. This undoubtedly opens up a horizon of possibilities and opportunities to impact our audiences.

I invite you to do it together!