Data Analytics solutions applied to Brand Reputation

Day by day companies have more information about their participation in social networks, media appearances, mentions by pressure groups and/or dissatisfied customers. How to understand it all and not die trying?

Three trends that are becoming must-haves in 2022:

  • Real time
    • It is required to have the information with immediacy, but it is not only about real-time alerts; it is also about automated analysis presented in dashboards designed specifically for each need.
  • Personalized data delivery
    • Each team requires different metrics, aligned to the KPIs of the strategy. Not everyone requires the same information. Automatic and customized reports, previously customized according to the needs of each part of the team, offer leaders the possibility to centralize and disperse information while staying aligned with the company's achievements.
  • User-friendly data visualization
    • The traditional way in which data was delivered is no longer sufficient. Not everyone wants to understand a monotonous data sheet, scroll down a long newsletter or pore over it to find the most relevant information. The preferred formats are illustrated and graphical, which make it easy to spot trends, outliers and patterns in the data.

We are certain that business leaders require information about what is happening with their brand, the competition and their environment. Without that meaning an extensive investment of time and effort. Having information about what is happening and being said around your brand in a timely manner; both in your own channels, as well as in news and the public sphere of the web; will make your team better prepared to work on your brand's reputation.