Build a long term relationship with your customer

It is common for companies to invest a large part of their budget and time to analyze the market share of their products, analyze prices and see how to generate greater profitability for their business.

However, they do not always take the time to evaluate the performance of their customer service and customer care, which is vital to building a long-term relationship between the customer and their company.

When we talk about customer service, several things come to mind, we could think about the customer service hotline, the social networks of a brand, the chat Bot who answers me on WhatsApp or the person who kindly attends us in our place of preference.

But did you know, customer service is not something that has always been available to everyone. In the past, according to a study by Waseda UniversityAs a result, "to be served" was a privilege of the wealthier classes, who, as their fortunes increased, discovered new needs, which had to be met immediately and satisfactorily.

Over the years and with the introduction of technology, customer service has been transformed.

Today, it is present in all 4 stages of the consumer buying process.

  • In the first stage of learning and discovery
  • In recognizing the problem
  • When considering the solution
  • And when making the purchase decision

We must be aware that a potential customer begins to build an image of our service or brand, from the first navigation on our website, the publications or responses received in our social networks, the interaction in the business WhatsApp and of course in the contact with the person who attends him in our office.  

Although technology has come to transform customer service, human contact, or at least the simulation of human contact, is still essential to offer a pleasant experience that leads the customer to purchase a service or product, and to make the decision to build a long-term relationship with us.

What is the key to making this experience truly positive and lasting?

  1. Deliver a pleasurable experience from the very first contact, the first impression is definitely the determining factor in any relationship that one establishes in life and it is of vital importance that the attention is homogeneous in all areas of the company, from the person who receives the customer in the parking lot to the person who provides daily attention.
  2. Know your customer's tastes and needs. Understand that this customer is a person just like you, take the time to get to know their needs, understand their reality and provide them with the right solutions.
  3. Listen to your customer, this will allow you to understand your business, understand your needs, know what your expectations are and be able to anticipate to give you solutions in advance or foresee critical situations.
  4. Be patient and tolerant, put yourself in your client's shoes and understand the reasons why he made the decision to look for you, every client is different and your mission as an advisor is to understand what he really needs from you.
  5. Give him a personalized attention and offer more than you expect. Definitely, who does not feel happy when they are surprised with something they did not expect to receive?
  6. Be transparenthonesty is the key to developing a long-term relationship of trust.
  7. Respond to your inquiries. Nowadays, multichannel communication allows us to maintain close contact with our customers, but for this communication to be effective it must be in both ways, so it is vital that the customer feels attended and receives an expeditious response to their queries.
  8. Take him to live a unique experience. If our customer has a good experience with us, he will want to come back again and again, mainly because we give him solutions and not because we generate more problems.
  9. Regularly measure customer satisfaction. This will allow you to enhance the actions that are being carried out correctly and correct the opportunities for improvement in this area.
  10. Don't forget that the person-to-person relationship never goes out of style., although today we have various technological means and the pandemic has led us to have a mostly virtual contact, the customer still needs a person who empathizes with his problem and gives him solutions in a close way.

These 10 aspects will allow you to continue to build a good relationship with your current and potential customers.

A good customer service is not only answering questions or processing requests, but also helping the customer when they have not even asked for it, anticipating and solving their needs effectively. In addition to other aspects such as kindness, quality, warmth, courtesy and effectiveness in the service provided.

It is important to keep in mind that a good service is not only required in favorable moments, but it becomes even more important when we are in critical situations, since the customer more than ever will need us to understand him, to put ourselves in his shoes, to be proactive and help him to find a solution to his problem.

Remember that a satisfied customer becomes a promoter of our services, while a dissatisfied customer can have a negative impact on the reputation of the business.

At CCK we focus on understanding audiences, getting their attention, winning them over and never letting them go.

We hope this information is of value to your company or organization.

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