Having a vehicle, having a small budget and wanting to contribute to those in need at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. These were the elements that show the challenge that today leads us to celebrate the glory of a robust campaign, articulated, with results and above all with strategic planning in each of the actions.

Thus was born #RedescubríCostaRica, thinking out of the box, aligning three elements to stimulate local visitation of Costa Rica, through the positive attitude that micro influencers would imprint on each ride or area of the country to be rediscovered, aboard a Ford Everest Sport. Curious, isn't it?

The whole process of #RedescubríCostaRica was authentic, so much so that our conception was never to sell a vehicle, but that this was only the means of transportation to reach beautiful national destinations. With this and in a collaborative way we created a showcase of exposure and invitation for ourselves, Costa Ricans, to support thousands of entrepreneurs who depend on tourism and had their income reduced to zero because of the closing of borders. What better way to fall in love with Limón, Sarchí, Guanacaste, Pérez Zeledón... when you could not travel to other countries!

Such an authentic articulation allowed us to select 8 micro influencers (we call them Ford Explorers), with talent to spare, passionate about their own country, committed and eager to document their trip in an organic way; all working hand in hand with local tourism chambers, who, better than anyone, knew where the needs of their members were.

We all rediscovered Costa Rica, in an informative and entertaining way, giving life to downloadable tourist guides with the contacts of the businesses of each destination visited and fabulous videos that provoke strong desires to pack our suitcases. Before an award, the results are those that generate fullness for the fulfilled duty; we were told by the businesses that through this campaign received their first tourist visit, confirmed by the credibility to make real alliances with the public and private tourism sector (tourism chambers and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute), as well as the millions of impressions achieved in social networks for this effort.

What about the car?

Our objective and that of our client was never to increase car sales, but rather to pursue a business commitment to reactivate the tourism economy. awareness the campaign did enhance the brand's model in a positive way with respect to the pre-pandemic period. As project leader at CCK I feel the enormous satisfaction of achieving, as a team, a winning project not only in gold, but in the trust of a client like Grupo Purdy and the Ford brand to plan and execute a campaign with enormous social impact through public relations.