Who do Central Americans believe?

We already have an answer to the question we ask ourselves every two years at CCK, since 2017: "Who do Central Americans believe?". 

The question led us to conduct research, through a digital survey, to identify the organizations and people with more credibility in the "top of mind" of the people living in Central America. The study, conducted by Data Meaning, had its first edition in 2017 and the second in 2019.  

On this occasion we are publishing the results of the third edition of the study which includes the response of a total of 1,163 people with 34% participation in Costa Rica, 23% in El Salvador, 25% in Guatemala and 18% in Panama.  

What did we discover? 

With respect to the second edition of this research, published in 2019, trust in organizations decreased in Costa Rica and Guatemala by 4.4 and 4.8 percentage points, respectively. On the contrary, in El Salvador trust rose by 11.5 percentage points and in Panama by 6.1 points. 

Trust in people decreased in Costa Rica (-1.3%), in Guatemala (-8.4%) and in Panama (-20.8%), with respect to the 2019 findings, these results are the product of an increase in the perception of corruption. While in El Salvador, the percentage of people who do trust someone increased by 8.4 points.   

Given the results of this research, we can conclude that when it comes to trust and credibility, circumstances and relationships are the key. Circumstances determine the facts in which people find that awakening of trust. Meanwhile, the relationship and communication of these figures with people is what maintains that trust.  

Who are the people mentioned? 

We invite you to find out and browse among the results the names most frequently mentioned by the people surveyed in the survey: investigacion2021.cckcentroamerica.com