By Joe Yaker, country manager CCK Panama

Giving what you communicate to customers with added value is the best way to keep them connected. This is why content marketing has become the most booming trend in the implementation of marketing plans. strategic communication.

Creating content whose purpose is not to sell, but to enlighten, educate, inform or entertain, helps to demonstrate to different audiences that, as a company, there is a greater interest in providing them with something extra, something that will help them, and not simply to get business from them.

Whether through a blog or landing pages on the websiteAll content should subscribe to a set of best practices that will ensure an increase in traffic, a significant visitor retention, and potentially some type of interaction that will lead to a sale.

These are the 5 golden rules of content generation:

  1. One of the most important things is to maintain a constant flow of content generation. This allows the audience to trust that they will always have new material to consume, which helps to keep them interested and attentive.
  2. There is nothing worse for a website or blog than having content that is perceived as inauthentic. Consumers of material can, consciously or unconsciously, detect insincerity in words. If the audience feels that the sole purpose of the content is to sell to them or that there is no vocation behind the efforts, they will not make a real connection.
  3. The content must fulfill a clear function: whether it is to inform, educate, entertain, or any other objective that helps the person who consumes it in some way. There is no point in being consistent and sincere with what you produce if in reality the material itself does not fulfill an essential mission.
  4. Optimization. While the type of content is key, it is important to be clear about the science, i.e., all the technical aspects that will help the content be found by those who will benefit from it. Search engine optimization (or Search Engine Optimization) is all the research work and application of knowledge in the generation of content, with a view to helping search engines understand what the material consists of, and the level of authority and credibility of the material.
  5. Promotion. Finally, content must be promoted. The company must use its social networks and all the mechanisms at its disposal to ensure that the material reaches audiences and thus generate significant interaction.

These 5 points are vital to the success of content generation, but they are extremely simple assessments of what is actually a thorough and complex process. A content communication strategy goes beyond best practices and requires effort, time and teamwork to obtain optimal results.

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