How to develop our personal brand?

By: Isaura Murillo, New Business Manager

How to develop our personal brand?

We share with you 7 keys:

"Your personal brand is what they say about you when you're not around." Jeff Bezos 

Creating a personal brand is the process of defining, developing and maintaining one's own positioning. Innovation, new technologies, social networks and the management have changed the way of doing business. In this sense, the people who work in an organization have gained great relevance in the business world, extending the idea that people make "the company", so that the personal brand of each individual has a decisive influence on the company.

Today we know that what a person projects influences the organization itself. In large corporations there is a tendency to stop talking about careers, employees and commitment (unilateral) and we must start talking about projects and personal and professional strategies.

The concept of personal branding is becoming more necessary today, because interpersonal relationships are increasingly anonymous. Having or being a brand helps us to discover and communicate what makes us useful and valuable to others, and increases our reputation and influence as professionals in an area.

What personal branding or personal branding brings to the table reputation is a methodology, a way of managing in a planned way the perception we want to leave in others. Professionals who want to differentiate themselves in order to increase the value of their work or professional contribution must build, promote, communicate and protect your personal brand.

The invitation is open to develop our personal brand, here are some keys:

  1. Update networks and profiles
  2. If we participate in a forum, conference or lecture, publish an opinion.
  3. Publish articles and tutorials, tools are free and easily accessible.
  4. Participate collaboratively in groups to add value
  5. Create a group and invite people who can contribute to the topic to form a community, in this way you also start making connections
  6. Linking our pages and profiles to generate traffic between them
  7. Be constant in the publication of content.