What defines a leader?

By: Brendy Batzin

CCK Guatemala

What defines a leader?

In the first instance, a leader is recognized by his or her team as a charismatic person whom they want to follow authentically.

The leader constantly offers disruptive and innovative solutions, can change people's habits and even persuasively improve their productivity.

While the manager will make sure to achieve the established objectives through the potential of the collaborators under his command, the leader always seeks to go the extra mile, through innovation if necessary, encouraging his people, training them to enthusiastically support and improve the objectives in an organic way.

It is important to mention that a good leader The company's team members' skills, but also orchestrates all that knowledge and skills to improve results or increase the team's productivity in order to solve day-to-day obstacles in a comprehensive manner.

For people who consider that leadership is not something that is in their DNA, the good news is that this skill can be acquired to a certain extent and work hard to generate an internal change keeping in a virtuous circle. Among the qualities that a leader must have are:

  1. Self-confidence
  2. Be an example
  3. Knowledge of the environment
  4. Values and convictions
  5. Empathy

It is of utmost importance to emphasize that we are all leaders in any position we hold, as leaders we must constantly work on love and respect for ourselves, for in this way we can create an environment that stimulates happiness and creativity.