Genuine influence: beyond likes, impressions and engagement

By Diana Quirós, Data Meaning Leader. 

The people we are more than users and we interact with organizations, brands and other people, beyond our dynamics in social networks. That is the main reason why marketing and communication strategists should not base their strategic decisions only on interaction metrics, this in marketing de influencers or in any other communication management.

The brands and organizations need to place their audiences at the center of their actions., from planning and setting SMART objectives, to implementation and evaluation. For this, it is always necessary to investigate the audiences and obtain the correct and necessary inputs that allow us to achieve the objectives; because reaching an interaction metric is not the same as falling in love with the audiences and generating the desired behavior in them.

What should we know about our audiences? As much as possible. We can never again stop at their demographics. It will be necessary to understand their psychographic characteristics, the way they act and behave, their special interests, aspirations and concerns. And today more than ever, we must understand who they trust and who has real power to influence them.

At CCK we undertook the adventure of discovering which institutions and people Central Americans have the most trust and credibility in different areas. In 2017, we published the first edition of our study "Who do Central Americans believe?". On September 19, we will present the results of a new edition, which was developed by CCK's Data Meaning unit, with the participation of local consultants in the different countries of the region.

If you would like to join us to see the results of our study, you can register at the following link: