4 ways to make time management an ally of good results

By Daniela Sancho, Talent Coordinator

Correct time management is one of the key factors for personal improvement and effectiveness at work, for this reason we must give it the necessary importance in order to achieve efficiency in the tasks we perform daily.

To manage time well, it is not necessary to work longer hours, but to focus more on the result we want to achieve.investing effort in the tasks that lead us to achieve these objectives.

Nowadays, most of us are expected to to meet a significant number of objectives and to prioritize Sometimes it is difficult because there is not enough time. The strategic thing to do on these occasions is to learn to choose the tasks that lead us to conclude more directly the results we need to achieve.

A fundamental characteristic is to be flexible when executing our occupations, although it is true that planning helps to organize our day, we cannot be rigid since in many occasions our day takes a turn and we must solve the activity that requires our attention at that precise moment.

We should always consider attending to an unplanned requirement that is important to review, but in doing so we should act deliberately, not as a compulsive act that would cause us to react erroneously and would have consequences on our work schedule.

To make better use of time and plan our work, let's review 4 basic points:

  1. To get to know the company in which we work and its daily practices.
  2. Set our goals and objectives.
  3. Recognize the life cycle of our work and adapt it to our planning.
  4. Be strategic and select the steps to accomplish our daily goals.

Having a work team is one of the most important supports to achieve results, this means leading taking into consideration the different skills and abilities of each employee. The better trained they are, the faster and more efficiently the objectives will be reached and, at the same time, we motivate and make the people involved responsible, focusing on a common goal.

At CCK we believe that time management is an ally for achieving results, and it also becomes a fundamental basis for establishing moments and spaces for leisure, recreation and well-being for our employees. For this reason, as part of our business benefits, we offer work flexibility in order to promote a balance between their personal time and their responsibilities.

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