The 5 languages of the... customer

Gary Chapman, writer and philosopher, teaches us in his successful book "The 5 Love Languages", the different ways in which people express their love for another person and the importance of knowing the language in which our partner speaks and feels love in order for communication to flow and the relationship to be strengthened.

As with our partner, the good relationship and communication we establish with our clients is fundamental to achieve loyalty and long-term relationships with them. That is why it is important to work on each of the 5 languages... of the client, to achieve a perfect balance in that relationship.

  1. Physical contact: In this digital era, we are accustomed to conducting our meetings using technology such as zoom o Skype, for example, where many times we don't even turn on the camera and we only listen to the voices traveling through the computer. However, as in a couple relationship where caresses and hugs are important, shaking our client's hand and seeing each other face to face periodically is fundamental to provide a more personalized service that shows our interest in their business and their needs.
  1. Words of affirmation: We know that we are there, present and committed, that we are giving our best effort to make the relationship work, however, many times it is necessary to verbalize it, because words give expression, sense and direction to our feelings. In the same way, our client needs to hear from us that they are getting 100% of our commitment, that they can trust us because we will look after their interests. They need that reaffirmation from us, direct service providers, of the commitment that was put in writing in a contract.
  1. Quality time: Our clients are busy people and we are one of the many priorities they have to attend to on a daily basis, being efficient in our meetings, maximizing meetings and using the technological elements at hand to follow up on actions, is highly valued by our clients. As with the people we love, it is not only the amount of time we spend with them but the quality of the time we spend with them that can make a difference in our relationships.
  1. Gifts: Many people enjoy receiving or giving gifts, and while it is necessary to keep in mind important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries of our customers, gifts that are not material or of great economic cost are also appreciated: as when we give them new ideas, opportunities that they had not even thought of or valuable information for their business.
  2. Acts of service: Small tasks or acts that we perform for our partner can communicate how we feel; in our clients it is going the extra mile. That work that we are not asked to do but that the client appreciates you doing. Little things can make the difference between providing a service and establishing a service relationship with a client.