The workplace prevention guide

Academic institutions, film directors, professors, top executives, political leaders, etc., etc., etc. The list does not end and knows no distinctions, industries of all kinds have been impacted by scandals due to cases of sexual harassment and harassment; in most of them as something systematic that the industry itself knew, an open secret.

This global reality generates enormous pain and suffering for the people who are victims, as well as for those who are not. impacts the reputation of the organizations where it occursIn the case of a company, it is more drastic if the report shows that there is no proactive effort to prevent, diminish and punish this type of conduct. Especially in those companies where the report reveals that these are not isolated cases, but repetitive behaviors.

It is here that the responsibility of the companies is to generate internal communication and training. to actively and continuously remind all employees that sexual harassment and sexual harassment are crimes, and that the company has protocols and policies in place to address and stop such cases should they occur.

Legal obligation

Since 1995, the country has had a Sexual Harassment in Employment and Education Act, which requires employers of all sizes to have a policy and protocol to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. prevent and punish these behaviors in case of occurrence.

But it is not only a matter of having these tools; the law itself requires it, actively and constantly communicating with the aim of raising awareness of the issue among its staff, and empowering people who may feel harassed in the workplace. Even the law establishes the protocol to be followed in the event that the harasser holds a high position in the company.

As a method of prevention, it is necessary to carry out training and constant communication to inform workers about their rights, the behaviors that can be reported and the correct channels to make complaints. Also, the investigating committee must be trained in the handling of this type of case and in the procedure to be followed for the investigation.

Collaborators will always be the ones first brand ambassadorstherefore, to generate políticas that guarantee them the company's commitment to their well-being is definitely a good decision.

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