Communicating without strategy equals noise without impact

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to meet a manager of an NGO who, after talking about different challenges in his organization, asked me: why is it that if what we do is so good, the media is not interested in it? The question led us to revisit some maxims of communication and put them on the table in their current context, which I review in this article.

First, I asked him what actions the organization is taking to communicate its work and continue to seek opportunities for growth. strategy that responds to a specific objective with consistent and achievable tactics.

As the theory goes, "what is not communicated, does not exist", we cannot expect small steps and improvisation to position messages that manage to awaken the interest of audiences in topics that can connect with their affinities and needs.

Communication is a management tool and as such it must be approached and valued. It is not a matter of "putting extra work" to an organization, but of giving shape to a work plan that should respond to goals and contribute to the fulfillment of objectives. Communication is like an echo, you get back exactly what you do, that is why the best improvisation is good planning.

At the level of image and reputation Nor can we lose sight of the historic phrase of Julius Caesar, "Caesar's wife must not only be honest, but also appear to be so". Many times, due to pure modesty, we lack a good reputation, that is where it is worthwhile to check if the perception they may have of us is in accordance with what is desired or if we should move the sails to reach a good port.

There are no specific formulas to have a universal strategy, each product, service or organization has its own needs, based on them is that we must get to work. One of the most important things is also to listen to what is not said, that which is hidden from our eyes can often be the best reason to build a robust and credible reputation.

Without the knowledge of tools and methodology it will be difficult to execute a strategy with measurable, reliable and accurate results, that is why it is best to turn to those in the area of communication.

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