The image and reputation of a company or a brand is decisive in its relationship with all its audiences, especially during critical moments.

Creation of content for both traditional and digital media to build, to reposition or strengthen the reputation of your company or an individual.

Strategic, controlled and systematic management of sensitive or critical situations to minimize the impact on the reputation of your company or brand.

Planning and management for building, repositioning or strengthening the relationship of you company with external stakeholders, such as government and public institutions, business associations, non-profits, think tanks, and others with an interest in the organization’s affairs.

Implementation of strategies for contributing to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

Implementation of strategies and actions focused on protecting the reputation and public exposure of the organization and its representatives with decision makers in the public or private sector.

Herramientas y técnicas para que líderes y ejecutivos mejoren sus habilidades de comunicación.

Workshop to provide participants with tools that allow them to perform effectively and efficiently during interviews, press conferences and other type of interactions with journalists.

Workshop to induce the participants to a “laboratory” of situations that negatively expose the image and reputation of the company and evaluate their capacity to response.

Workshop for building and strengthening communication skills of the leaders of an organization for both interpersonal interaction and public exposure opportunities.

Workshop for companies and organizations that need to identify their main vulnerabilities or critical issues.