The 3 keys to viral content

By Esteban Alvarado, Studio Producer

If you are an active person on social networks, you will have undoubtedly noticed the obstacles that exist for a publication to stand out a publication to stand out without getting lost in the depths of the web in a few minutes. minutes. 

This is because social social networks have focused on perfecting their algorithms so that we can receive personalized receive personalized updates on what's going on around us. around us. As a result, the life cycle of content on the web is usually very short, as they are quickly replaced by newer content. 

Although this is usually the common scenario, there are contents that manage to impact audiences in a short period of time, these are los viral content. 

What makes content go viral?

In a media ecosystem such as the one in which we operate, there is no in theory, there is nothing that defines what goes viral and what doesn't. But there is nothing, in theory, that defines what does and doesn't go viral. But understanding what is behind virality will not only help us to better position a product, idea or message, but will a product, idea or message, but it will also help us to anticipate risks and determine crisis prevention determine crisis prevention strategies for our brands or organizations. organizations.

Here are the 3 keys to creating viral content: - Viral content creation for the creation of viral content:

  1. Generate impact:  Virality is achieved when multiple people interact with a piece of content on a recurring basis, so the first interactions are essential to interactions are essential to expand the network organically.

If we don't make an impact on our audience audience, it is likely that they will simply follow “scrolleando” on your wall without without paying attention to our publication. Therefore, starting with a solid knowledge of our followers solid knowledge of our followers can guarantee us the first likes, shares y comentarios.

  • Connect strategically: At sharing content we move from a communication model uno a uno a un sistema de comunicación de muchos a muchos. This means that the process of virality depends on the social interactions of not just one, but many people. of many people.

A characteristic of viral content viral content is that it seeks to strategically reach nodos de influencia that exist within our stakeholders. This means that it relies on communities, individuals or organizations that play a key role in the individual decision individual decision process to share or not to share information, i.e. opinion leaders. opinion leaders.

It is therefore important to develop strategies strategies that involve these nodes of influence, as they will help us to impact more networks of impact more interaction networks in the short term and help our content to go viral. content to go viral.

  • Take advantage of the first day: For content to go viral, it is necessary for the reach to grow quickly. If many people are reach many people in a long period of time, we are talking about popularity and not virality. not virality.

The exponential growth of interactions in a short period of time time generates of engagement at the network, allowing that, when the diffusion curve goes down, the content will be sufficiently consolidated to survive in the consolidated enough to survive in the collective.. This implies that our content must mutate and invade multiple platforms, affecting the daily life of our stakeholders. our stakeholders' daily lives.

Today's algorithms are designed to designed to discard publications if they don't survive the first day. For take all the necessary measures in the first hours of launching your content, i.e. answer comments and content, for example: reply to comments and interact with your audience. audience, this will undoubtedly help you boost your reach.

We must not forget that the content we generate is capable of changing the attitudes, perspectives and behaviors of capable of changing people's attitudes, perspectives and behaviors. It is therefore important to have adequate strategies that allow us to generate a real positive impact, beyond the amount of content we generate. generate a real positive impact, beyond the amount of content generated. likes, shares or comments.

Source: Going Viral (Karin Nahon and Jeff Hemsley)