Are you really listening to your audience outside your channels?

Are you really listening to your audience outside your channels?

Diana Quirós, Data Meaning Leader

More than 20 years ago, we communicators understood the importance of dialogue in communication and marketing. We understood that brands and organizations must provide their audiences with content of interest and solve their needs beyond their products or services.

We know that the role of users and consumers has changed from passive people to prosumers who generate their own content and are eager to dialogue with and about brands.

The dialogue that our audiences expect requires active listening and every day it is more difficult to listen to everything and everyone. For not all interactions are one-to-one, most happen far from our scope and sometimes we miss out on the most valuable information about our brands and organizations.

The bidirectionality of communication in social networks has generated that each user is a sender of positive or negative messages about a brand, in a matter of seconds. Organizations have strengthened the image of the Community Manager, seeking that real interaction with the audiences. However,
the organization or brand can be mentioned on any fanpage, group or public profile that is not necessarily visible to the account manager.

Not knowing what our customers, media or influencers are saying about our brand or organization is no longer an option, as these comments will impact our business.

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