Are we aware of the importance of our company name?

Are we aware of the importance of our company name?

By Christopher Cruz, Delivery Executive

We call it naming the process of creating the name of our brand, being one of the most important parts of the process. branding. The name of a company is one of the most valuable characteristics; since it is the way in which users will be able to identify themselves with the organization.

For decades, companies and corporations have hired creative people to name their brands in order to establish a strong connection with the consumer. The process requires a deep study of market behavior and mastery of language to make the brand live in people's minds.

If you are in the creative process of naming your brand, it is important that you take into account and avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Confusing the name with the brand: many people place too many expectations on their name, it is important to realize that the name works in context. Other elements such as the logo, message, audio-visual material and communication tactics are materials that join the name in the branding process.
  • "I'll know it when I see it." Not defining a standard for a good name at the beginning can easily frustrate us when faced with the list of possibilities, many of which may be completely off the mark. We will get lost trying to evaluate and make a decision on what is the best name.
  • "May the favorite win." Thinking you like the name just because it is pretty is a poor criterion for this choice. People tend to prefer names that are in their comfort zone, familiar and conventional. That means that "favorite" names are not going to differentiate themselves.
  • The name has to be memorable: The problem is that memorability is not easy to evaluate, it is created and must be measured over time. Memorability is created by communication rather than by the name.

The name deserves a much more relevant place in business and marketing plans.

Words have power and create sensations. At CCK we work with concepts that generate value and develop creative strategies to help our clients build the best name for their brand. Contact us at for more information.