Panama and trends in strategic communication

The strategic communication is vital to the growth of any company

As the world and technology evolve, we are all drawing closer together through a growing global interconnectedness. This means that effective communication is now, more than ever, a vital bridge that must be strategically bridged to create sincere, clear and lasting bonds. This is a reality in every corner of the world.

And Panama is no exception.

The rise of communication as a necessary service for companies, organizations and institutions has brought countless benefits to various industries that now enjoy the ability to expose their ideas to different audiences, and with messages tailored to each one.

Of course, as the number of communication platforms and channels in the country has increased, an oversaturation of information has also been created, paving a battlefield in which only the most innovative companies are victorious with the limited attention of their audiences.

But what does strategic communication consist of?

The effectiveness in the transmission of ideas is based on adapting to the trends of the moment and with an appropriate management of the available tools. Strategic communication encompasses absolutely all the relevant aspects for this externalization of ideas, with an appropriately designed approach in order to obtain the best results. This includes areas such as:

  1. Public relations, and all the projection that a company or organization presents to audiences.
  2. The advertisingand all the paid broadcasting tactics that companies or organizations use to highlight their products or services.
  3. Corporate communication, and all the stories that the company or organization turns into news topics.
  4. Digital marketing, and all the tactics brought to the forefront to corner the digital world.

Of all those mentioned, the last two have seen the greatest growth in Panama, precisely because they are the ones that allow for the use of the intelligent (or stories) to create a deeper bond with audiences - an emotional or intellectual connection that ensures permanency in the top-of-mind.

It is important to note that digital marketing is still in an embryonic state in Panama: most companies simply assume that it consists of paying for advertising on websites or social networks. While these are important components, they do not make up the totality of what a properly crafted digital strategy can achieve.

Globally, the trend in digital marketing is primarily focused on the methodology inbound, which consists of providing added value to audiences, offering something more than a simple sale to attract them, and thus, slowly, lead them to become customers with more loyalty and appreciation for the company or organization.

Also known as the content marketing (or content marketing), this practice is gaining momentum in the country precisely because of its effectiveness in generating traffic to websites and creating audiences interested in topics of importance to companies.

Undoubtedly, this type of approaches that allow the use of stories is the fastest growing trend in the future, especially in Panama, so any company or organization seriously considering highlighting their messages or developing permanent connections with their audiences, should consider adopting them to stand out and get ahead of the competition.

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