Volcán al Legado 2021

In CCK we are proud to share that “Volcán al Legado 2021” was granted to our President Carmen Mayela Fallas from Comunidad de Empresas de Comunicación de Costa Rica, for her work and significant contributions to the industry.

This honor recognizes Carmen Mayela’s pioneering work in the communication and public relations industry, her vision in the development of the industry in the Central American region, her contribution from the academia to the training of professionals, her contribution to strengthening of Comunidad and the consequent transformation of the communications practice in a fundamental and strategic core for organizations and companies and, in turn, the development of the country.

«Receiving Volcán al Legado 202 is an immense honor that I deeply appreciate. I thank the members of the communication industry and Comunidad for this recognition. My business, professional and academic life has been a path in the company of others, thus this distinction is shared, in the first place, with my life and business partner Edgar Mata, with my colleagues and partners in CCK, with my students and fellow professors of the Escuela de Ciencias de la Comunicación Colectiva, with my clients who have trusted me and my company along the years and with my family and friends who have made me grow and embraced me with their love throughout my life“, Carmen Mayela Fallas, President and Founding Partner of CCK, said.

With our best regards,

CCK Team


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