Digital CCK

We provide technological solutions to shorten and improve processes, have a greater impact and achieve strategic objectives for brands in a digital environment.

Structure and usability design based on a good user experience, both on PC and mobile devices. We work with different languages ​​such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, as well as CMS integration.

Advice and integration of the ecommerce process, and the implementation of the online payment system.

Design of the investment strategy, definition of digital channels, creation of formats and budget managements to achieve the best ROI.

Automation of processes of a digital marketing strategy. Assessment of the right CRM platform for your objectives, implementation, reporting and analysis of results.

Positioning the website of a company in the main search engines.

Personalized coaching according to your needs. Topics like analytics, digital lead, how to set goals, inboud making, and more.

Analysis of the behavior statistics of a Web site.

Analysis of the behavior statistics of your brand’s social networks.