cck data meaning

CCK Analytics

People are not numbers, but the meaning of those numbers reveals many aspects about them. We use social listening and behavioral tracking tools to develop your communications and marketing strategy.

Monitoring of the media agenda to discover exposure opportunities for your brand, and to identify critical issues. 

Analysis of the results of Earned Media efforts, based on the Media Efficiency formula designed by CCK.

Social listening of the mentions of your brand in the digital channels. Text analysis and conversational intelligence allow you to know what is being said about it.

Analysis of the conversation in the digital channels on topics of interest that affect your organization and/or your audience to optimize and develop trend driven content. 

Tracking of the performance of your brand against your competitors in the digital channel.

Assessment of the relationship of your brand or your organization with different stakeholders – government, community, partners, clients and consumers and the ecosystem of relationships among them.

Evaluation of the internal communications processes and organizational culture of your company based on the understanding of the generations that coexist in the workplace.

Analysis of the industry and competitors of your brand to detect opportunities, threats and best practices.

Relations Strategy

Before going to the action there must be a space for audience profiling and for defining the ideal mechanisms to reach them and engage their interest.

Setting of objectives, mapping of key audiences, strategic concepts for campaigns, PESO tactical plan (Paid / paid content, Earned / editorial content, Shared / shared content in social networks, Owned / content in own channels) and setting of key performance indicators.

Relationship and reputation building with different stakeholders.


A relationship is built in the right space at the right time.

Positioning of the content about your brand or company in the media agenda, considering strategic angles appealing to journalists and editors.

Building and strengthening of relationships and communication with stakeholders for your brand or organization.

Design and execution of campaigns aimed at collaborators to achieve organizational and corporate culture objectives.

Relationship strategies for engaging local communities or groups organized under common objectives.

Strategies for engaging support and endorsements of influencers through their social networks or as brand ambassadors.

Conceptualization and coordination of logistics of events.

Design of a media plan (traditional and digital) to elevate your brand upon specific targets, through paid communication channels

cck reputation


The image and reputation of a company or a brand is decisive in its relationship with all its audiences, especially during critical moments.

Creation of content for both traditional and digital media to build, to reposition or strengthen the reputation of your company or an individual.

Strategic, controlled and systematic management of sensitive or critical situations to minimize the impact on the reputation of your company or brand.

Planning and management for building, repositioning or strengthening the relationship of you company with external stakeholders, such as government and public institutions, business associations, non-profits, think tanks, and others with an interest in the organization’s affairs.

Implementation of strategies for contributing to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

Workshop to provide participants with tools that allow them to perform effectively and efficiently during interviews, press conferences and other type of interactions with journalists.

Workshop to induce the participants to a “laboratory” of situations that negatively expose the image and reputation of the company and evaluate their capacity to response.

Workshop for building and strengthening communication skills of the leaders of an organization for both interpersonal interaction and public exposure opportunities.

Workshop for companies and organizations that need to identify their main vulnerabilities or critical issues.

CCK Studio

We produce content inspired by people and the speed of their life.

Writers, graphic designers and audiovisual producers converge to create the best stories in the best format.

Construction of a brand book, fundamental document for the correct application of a corporate identity or brand.

A graphic mark, emblem or symbol that identifies a company, a commercial product, or a project to aid and promote public recognition.

Graphic design and copywriting, linked to the strategic or tactical objective and the interaction with the final audience.

Design of adverts for mass media (television, press, radio spots, bus backs, and billboards, among others) or for one-to-one tactics (pamphlets, stickers, brochures, point of sales promotions, banners, and billboards)

Design of product packaging.

Design for Web platforms and social networks (outbound e-mail, Web pages, and posts for social networks, among others)

A broad set of marketing tools aim to promote brands or projects and reach out the target consumers. 

Production of content for broadcasting media (television and radio); and for social networks and cinema.

CCK Digital

We provide technological solutions to shorten and improve processes, have a greater impact and achieve strategic objectives for brands in a digital environment.

Structure and usability design based on a good user experience, both on PC and mobile devices. We work with different languages ​​such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, as well as CMS integration.

Advice and integration of the ecommerce process, and the implementation of the online payment system.

Design of the investment strategy, definition of digital channels, creation of formats and budget managements to achieve the best ROI.

Automation of processes of a digital marketing strategy. Assessment of the right CRM platform for your objectives, implementation, reporting and analysis of results.

Positioning the website of a company in the main search engines.

Personalized coaching according to your needs. Topics like analytics, digital lead, how to set goals, inboud making, and more.

Analysis of the behavior statistics of a Web site.

Analysis of the behavior statistics of your brand’s social networks.