Customer: AIC

In January 2010, Haiti was victim of a catastrophic earthquake. The country already poor, was mired in the most heartbreaking situation with 200 thousand dead, 250 thousand homes were destroyed, 30 thousand commercial buildings collapsed and a total of 3 million and half people significantly affected.

In the months following the earthquake, was published the human development index drawn up by the UN where Haiti was placed among the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere.

In the midst of this bleak scenario, almost all Haitian insurance companies fled the country or declared bankruptcy, all except a local firm: AIC This company, with an enormous effort not only managed to make effective 100% of its clients after the earthquake insurance, they decided to help rebuild the attitude and the hope of its entire people.

We should take the opportunity to relive the joy of a whole country, reminding them that their true wealth is in their hearts, smiles, in warmth, in his fighting spirit… in its people. Therefore, our message is: Haiti the Richest Country in the World

Wealth, artistic and cultural Haiti collaborated with us to create a sticky song under the theme ‘The Richest Country in the World’ which was broadcast through the main local stations.

The song would be also applied in a TV spot showing the cultural diversity of Haiti and, above all, his hardworking attitude. Very soon the AIC message would also be visible on billboards in major Haitian cities.

In this way, thanks to the commitment and vision of AIC, we managed to promote a positive attitude facing the harsh reality that Haitians were living and, at the same time strengthen the bonds of the company with the Haitians, rescuing the virtues of its people and advancing against adversity.

We show that the true wealth of a country is its people, so it is important to protect it and for that, Haiti has AIC, an insurance company that looks for the welfare of their customers and, above all, for the happiness of their homes: Haiti the Richest Country in the World