Customer: EARTH University

La Romería is a Costa Rican tradition, in which every year millions of people walk from different parts of the country to the Los Angeles Virgin church in Cartago. This activity generated 75 tons of waste, which had tried to properly handle through the efforts of many public and private organizations. However, it was until 2010 that they create an “umbrella” that includes all these efforts.

Because of that, we create the “Ecoromeria” a program of citizenship education for the proper management of solid waste during the pilgrimage to the church of Los Angeles located in Cartago. The initiative is supported by the Catholic Church through the Metropolitan Curia and the municipalities of Curridabat, La Unión and Cartago.

What does the Ecoromeria do?

It places 71 waste classifiers, 2 different sizes, along the 20 km route which begins in AutoStar in Curridabat and culminates in Los Angeles church in Cartago, during the 1st and 2nd August of each year. In addition, it educates pilgrims, thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers who are located in the placed classifiers.




Over 2000 volunteers during the event

Project funded by the alliances, cost of $0 for EARTH University

Garbage was reduced to 2,500 tons (96% less than the previous year)

$300,000 in publicity or ad value.

EARTH strengthened its position in environmental matters