Customer: EARTH University

EARTH University wanted to create awareness about the impact of the institution through its graduates, in their 20-year history.

For this, we create “EARTH sowing the future”, a project of seed simultaneously that was made to join 26 countries of the world in a concrete and effective action to combat global warming, offering an interactive technological platform so that both people like companies could participate in the event.

We use partnerships, advertising, direct communication through emails, social media networks, among others.

A virtual forest allowed users to participate directly and increase donations of participating companies.


We achieved a collective planting 1.195.000 trees in 31 countries during June 5th simultaneously, with a participation of over 2,000 people

125 press releases were generated in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, with a more than $345 billion publicity

CNN in Spanish gave coverage to the event

15,800 virtual trees were planted

28 companies were sponsoring and 65 allied.