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Construction of a brand book, fundamental document for the correct application of a corporate identity or brand.

A graphic mark, emblem or symbol that identifies a company, a commercial product, or a project to aid and promote public recognition.

Graphic design and copywriting, linked to the strategic or tactical objective and the interaction with the final audience.

Design of adverts for mass media (television, press, radio spots, bus backs, and billboards, among others) or for one-to-one tactics (pamphlets, stickers, brochures, point of sales promotions, banners, and billboards)

Design of product packaging.

Design for Web platforms and social networks (outbound e-mail, Web pages, and posts for social networks, among others)

A broad set of marketing tools aim to promote brands or projects and reach out the target consumers.

Production of content for broadcasting media (television and radio); and for social networks and cinema.