People are not numbers, but the meaning of those numbers tells us a lot about them.

We use media and social listening tools and other innovative research tools to develop your communication and marketing strategy.

Monitoring of the media agenda to discover exposure opportunities for your brand, and to identify critical issues.

Analysis of the results of Earned Media efforts, based on the Media Efficiency formula designed by CCK.

Social listening of the mentions of your brand in the digital channels. Text analysis and conversational intelligence allow you to know what is being said about it.

Analysis of the conversation in the digital channels on topics of interest that affect your organization and/or your audience to optimize and develop trend driven content.

Tracking of the performance of your brand against your competitors in the digital channel.

Assessment of the relationship of your brand or your organization with different stakeholders – government, community, partners, clients and consumers and the ecosystem of relationships among them.

Evaluation of the internal communications processes and organizational culture of your company based on the understanding of the generations that coexist in the workplace.

Analysis of the industry and competitors of your brand to detect opportunities, threats and best practices.