By Auxiliadora González

The power of audiovisual communication is undeniable, especially in social media. Initially, the transmission of videos was almost exclusive on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Then, there was Vine, and now we have Instagram and resurrection of GIFs, allowing us to record, reproduce and relive special moments of experience. Now, the evolution of the communication came to the transmission of events live in social networks, also known as live-streaming. This, certainly is a tendency for 2016.

Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat… every time there are more networks that allow brands, personalities and users say ” I am present and want you to be with me”. A concert you could not go? A Conference of interest in another country? The holidays of your favorite artist in the Caribbean? You can enjoy all this thanks to the live-streaming. These tools and applications not only transmit video (or generate content), they are the perfect channel to share messages, actions, events and voices with the public. Bringing closer to achieving an almost immediate identification and passes good perception to advocacy (attitude and behavior of support).