By Marjorie Valverde

The arrival of Facebook Live is no longer a novelty. We knew that Facebook would make competition to Twitter and its Periscope. What is interesting is how companies are using the tool to generate video content.

In regards to releases, product reviews and backstage of mass activities, show business, as well as political and religious personalities joining the trend, sharing content live, and thus, unpublished.

At this moment, only the fan page can make these transmissions.

Some recommendations for the user:

  • All followers will get a notice letting them know when the transmission begins, however, it is recommended prior notice of the time and date.
  • Take care of the details of its brand as if it were a prerecorded production. I.e., Take care of your language, the use of logo and elements that benefit your image.
  • Depending on the content, so must be the extension. Do not pretend those users to be with you 30, 40 or 60 minutes.
  • Must have good connection of Internet. The video will not run if your signal is weak.
  • The transmission will remain on your Facebook wall as any other publication and there are ways to download it, so take care of the content.