1. Choose what and who you´re sharing with the content. You must define objectives, goals and have a well segmented audience. This way, your followers get your message correctly, and thus maximize your reach.
  2. Make easy to share content. There are two ways of presenting the content:
  • Post content in the channels of the brand. Simple and free.
  • Use an automatic service of e-mail sending or sponsored postings through different social networks (pay per click)
  1. Expand your “Content Discovery Team”. Detect influencers or ambassadors of the brand within the company so that they discover trends and create content.
  2. Climcb your network of followers. Invite friends, industry leaders and external people to be part of the community and show them why we have interest in them. The idea is for a third party to share our content and make it viral.

Implement the steps above and tell us if they worked for you. From now on you don’t have to search external content, it will come from your community!