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Haiti the Richest Country in the World

Customer: AIC In January 2010, Haiti was victim of a catastrophic earthquake. The country already poor, was mired in the most heartbreaking situation with 200 thousand dead, 250 thousand homes were destroyed, 30 thousand commercial buildings collapsed and a total of 3 million and half people significantly affected. In the months

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All Aboard

Client: Asociación Costa Rica por Siempre Cocos Island is one of the main natural treasures of Costa Rica, yet is in danger. The nature of the functions of the park rangers are complex. The island is located at 36 hours in ship from the coast. That is why they have also

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Customer: EARTH University La Romería is a Costa Rican tradition, in which every year millions of people walk from different parts of the country to the Los Angeles Virgin church in Cartago. This activity generated 75 tons of waste, which had tried to properly handle through the efforts of many public

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EARTH Plants the Future

Customer: EARTH University EARTH University wanted to create awareness about the impact of the institution through its graduates, in their 20-year history. For this, we create "EARTH sowing the future", a project of seed simultaneously that was made to join 26 countries of the world in a concrete and effective action

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How create a community committed with my content?

Choose what and who you´re sharing with the content. You must define objectives, goals and have a well segmented audience. This way, your followers get your message correctly, and thus maximize your reach. Make easy to share content. There are two ways of presenting the content: Post content in the channels of the

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Live-streaming: fewer degrees of separation

By Auxiliadora González The power of audiovisual communication is undeniable, especially in social media. Initially, the transmission of videos was almost exclusive on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Then, there was Vine, and now we have Instagram and resurrection of GIFs, allowing us to record, reproduce and relive special moments of experience. Now,

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Facebook Live: New Company´s Ally

By Marjorie Valverde The arrival of Facebook Live is no longer a novelty. We knew that Facebook would make competition to Twitter and its Periscope. What is interesting is how companies are using the tool to generate video content. In regards to releases, product reviews and backstage of mass activities, show business, as

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