At CCK we value diversity. That is why we have made up a mixture of experience and youth, different perspectives and multiple qualities, coupled with factors that unite us all as the strategic vision and corporate values.

Together we offer a service of comprehensive strategic communication, focused on our customer´s objectives achievements.

CCK’s Numbers

Years of Service

Leadership Team

Carmen Fallas
Carmen FallasFounder and Chairman
Carmen is passionate about strategic thinking. Her capacity of analysis and vision have allowed her to lead the growth of multiple organizations, including CCK. The company was founded in 1988 and now leads the public relations industry in Central America.

Her values and esquire of service, have made of her a mentor for many professionals in communication, either in the classroom or in daily work.

Edgar Mata
Edgar Mata Founder and CEO
Edgar´s creativity and energy have been two pillars for CCK´s growth since he founded it.

His career has been characterized by obtaining successful results in complex cases, becoming one of the main references in management and prevention of crisis in Latin America.

Layla Poveda
Layla PovedaCOO
Her planning ability and determination allowed her to grow exponentially in the company as well as in the industry, positioning her as the regional leader.

Layla joined CCK in 1997 and since then has shown to be a detailed, strategic and results-oriented professional. She is also a person with extraordinary values.

Marcela Alfaro
Marcela AlfaroCosta Rica General Manager
Marcela is an innovative person with strategic analysis and focused on the constant solutions search. Since 2002, she has made great contributions to the growth of CCK and the creation of companies such as COCOA Interactive, impacting the future of the agency.

Today she leads Costa Rica´s operations, our headquarters and the region’s largest office.

Magaly Acosta
Magaly AcostaRegional VP of Finance and Administration
Magaly is a loyal person, her 26 years in CCK speak for themselves.

She began her career in the Agency as a receptionist and secretary, her perseverance has led her to deal today with the role of Regional VP of Finance and Administration.

Helpful, responsible and great values, are some of the features that have made her grow in this company.

Pilar Ríos
Pilar RíosNew Regional Business VP
Pilar is leader, entrepreneur and detailed oriented. In 2003 she joined CCK Nicaragua, where she occupied the position of Country Manager, under which she directed the growth of the agency placing it in an important position within the country.

Her professional and personal skills led to her current position as New Regional Business for Central America.

Karol Jiménez
Karol JiménezPanama Manager
The care of every detail, her strategic capacity and assertiveness have allowed her to advise many different clients since its arrival to CCK back in 2000.

Besides being a great professional, Karol is a wonderful human being who understands the true needs of organizations and individuals. She is currently leading the Panama office, where today we coordinates accounts that include over 10 Latin American markets.

Alejandra Aqueche
Alejandra AquecheGuatemala Manager
Alejandra knows that today knowledge is everything, particularly in such a dynamic and competitive industry as communication. Therefore, she keeps constantly updated through courses and certifications.

She is charismatic, committed and leader, along with her team in Guatemala she has obtained great results for our clients.

Marta Sigarán
Marta SigaránEl Salvador Manager
Because of her attitude and ability, she has become a great leader for CCK El Salvador. Marta is an enthusiastic professional in public relations who has made her way in the industry of its country.

Together with her team, they have achieved extraordinary advising for local and regional clients.

María Fabiola Espinosa
María Fabiola EspinosaGerente de País Nicaragua
Degree in Advertising Design, from the University of Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico). She has an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Management from Thomas More University (Nicaragua); a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication (Fulbright Scholarship), at The Ohio State University. She was granted a scholarship by the DAAD-DIES to specialize as a Latin American Dean with the exchange program of the University of Saarland in Germany. She has integrated communication and marketing strategies to enhance the brands of the clients to whom it has provided her services.

She is a proactive and highly competitive professional. Respect, ethics and the common good are her manstream values which have made her part of CCK.

Mayra Porras
Mayra PorrasHonduras Manager
Mayra is an entrepreneur. She began her professional career in Costa Rica, where she worked in media such as La Nacion and Telenoticias Canal 7. Later, she moved to Honduras where she started her business in public relations, which later would become representative of CCK.

Her long career and leadership make her achieve great results for our clients with the support of a great team.

David Fallas
David FallasRegional Innovation Manager
David is driven by the understanding of the human and organizational behavior, and how this can leverage, through creativity and innovation, the clients’ business objectives.

His work has been recognized in awards such as the Volcan Creative Festival and Effie Awards, and he has also participated as a jury in different competitions.

He joined CCK in 2007 and currently he leads CCK Data Meaning, an area of research and analytics processes.

Edagar Delgado
Edagar Delgado CCK Reputation Leader
Edgar is an expert in crisis prevention and management, and in creation of editorial content aimed to result in newsworthy angles.

He began his career as a journalist in El Heraldo and was part of the economy editorial team of La Nación, and the weekly El Financiero, where he reached the position of editor of the Business, Finance and Management section.

He joined the team as one of the leaders of CCK Reputation area.

Daniela Zamora
Daniela ZamoraCCK Content Studio Leader
Her passion for communication and arts led her trajectory through the creative path of advertising agencies since 2006. She has been dedicated to the development of integrated marketing, digital and advertising strategies for multiple brands.

Among her most recognized projects are the “Beat Bell Challenge” for the inauguration of the National Stadium of Costa Rica, the Imperial Festival 2012 and Cannes Lions awarded campaign “Una célula podrida, pudre a las demás”, winner of Cannes Lions, in the category of Health.

Currently, Daniela is CCK Content Studio leader, dedicated to the creation of audiovisual content and productions, graphic design, planning of marketing activities – Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), & Through the Line (TTL).

Carlos Lobo
Carlos LoboCCK Reputation Leader
Carlos is passionate about politics. With more than 15 years of experience, he has focused on specialties such as spokesperson trainings, skills workshops for public speaking, crisis prevention and management, and public opinion crisis simulation workshops.

He is currently Coordinator of the Latin American Center for Training in Communication and Training of Spokespeople, IRRADIA, and leader of the CCK Reputation area.